The Problem with MultiAccounts
The Travian rules have always forbidden a single user to have more than one account on the same Travian server. So if you have an account on then you shouldn’t register another account on The penalty for being caught doing this is the ban of all accounts on that server. Still, there are many Travian players that need more than one account on the same server in order to play more efficiently or just have more fun, and will register more than one account regardless of the rules, trying not to be caught.

How MultiAccounts are detected
MultiAccounts are detected by MultiHunters. Their job is to look at access patterns, user activities, and connection attributes in order to identify people logging into different accounts. There are many factors that a MultiHunter takes into consideration when deciding if a user has more than one account. The IP address of the client is one of them, but by itself it is not enough because sometimes users might appear as having the same IP even if they are on different computers. The most important element that is taken into consideration by MultiHunters is in fact data inside “cookies”, which are small pieces of information that the Travian server saves on the user’s PC: if two users are logging into two accounts with the same cookie, then they are indeed using the same browser on the same computer, which most likely means that they are the same person.

How to fool MultiHunters “manually”
Travian users have found many ways for not being caught having more than one account. I don’t know if they actually work, but clearing browser’s cookies, using “incognito” windows, setting “Same pc usage” in the profile, using two different browsers, are all things that might help. Also using a Travian Bot like VilloNanny seems to be a good solution.

Easy MultiAccounts with VilloFetch!
But the easiest way for having MultiAccounts without being caught and without much hassle is to use VilloFetch! You can forget about clearing cookies and switching browsers: just play freely, even with a different account in each browser tab at the same time, with as many accounts as you like!

Since version 1.1, VilloFetch has a feature specifically designed for MultiAccounts. You just have to remember adding your login name to the address and that’s all! You don’t have to actually use the login name, as long as you use a word that is different for the two accounts; using the login name is a bit risky because it might show up in google search results, so it’s better to use just a part of it, a “reminder”. But remember to always add it, because just forgetting once might reveal your trick to the MultiHunter. A good way of remembering is to use bookmarks.

For example, let’s say you have two accounts on, one named “Caesar70” and one named “SonOfCaligula”. If you had just one account you could access it with VilloFetch by typing the following address:

When you have more than one account, you should insert the account reminder before the Travian address, separated by a “@”. So for the “Caesar70” account you could use[email protected]

and for the SonOfCaligula account you could use[email protected]

If you create two bookmarks, one for each account, and always play travian by starting from those bookmarks, you should be safe. Remember to use VilloFetch from the very beginning, when registering, or you might get caught.

This will work with every VilloFetch address format, so you can also use the following addresses:[email protected]

The general syntax for MultiAccount URLs is therefore:[/]

where is the “Account ID”, which can be any alphanumeric word; is the name of the Travian server, in all the forms admitted by VilloFetch; “[/]” is the optional resource you want to access, like “/dorf2.php”.

How VilloFetch MultiAccount Support works
VilloFetch handles MultiAccounts by simply separating cookies that are handled by the different accounts. You don’t have just a set of cookies for a given Travian server, as normal, but you have a set of cookies for every address, event if different addresses point to the same server. By inserting the login name in the address, you create a separate “space” where cookies are stored, independent from all other spaces. You can have as many cookie sets as you wish: just use different words before the “@”. So you can have as many accounts as you wish on the same server! For added security, VilloFetch also removes cookies sent by the browser when submitting the login form, forcing the server to send a new set of cookies, when you’re using the special MultiAccount address format explained above.

Final warning – please read
MultiAccount support in VilloFetch should be considered an experimental feature: we’re still testing it on a Travian server, waiting to see if the MultiHunters catch us. Also keep in mind that, no matter how well you disguise yourself, you will be caught if you do silly things like sending all your resources from one account to the other, and the like.

MultiAccounts are forbidden by the Travian rules so you should refrain from having more than one account on the same server. If you use VilloFetch to access MultiAccounts, you do so at your own risk. The VilloFetch authors can’t be held responsible for loss of accounts, banning, or other punishment resulting from the use of the VilloFetch site.