Fool Your Boss

You can be spotted!

Let’s face it: you can’t play Travian without being caught. Displaying the village page on your browser while at your desk is like raising a flag on your head that says “Hey there, I’m playing Travian right now!”.
The following picture shows what your boss sees when walking behind you:

If your boss isn’t totally blind, he will spot you! In the best case he will go downstairs to the network admins (they always work downstairs) and ask them to block whatever site you’re using to play Travian (i.e. But you know this, and of course you minimise the Travian window when you hear you’re boss’s steps at the door. But if you aren’t quick enough, what will your boss see from the other side of the room? He will see something like the following:

And if you work in a huge open-space, everyone will see you playing even from far away:

I think you got it: the problem is the big multicolored ball at the center of the page! The Village image is so unique and visually so strong that everyone can spot you playing.

They can be fooled!

We can fight back by turning the strength of the Village image to our advantage: as much as anyone can tell you’re playing when they see it, as well they won’t think you’re playing if it’s not there!
Are you playing Travian here?

Fool Your Boss Here
To switch to the “stealth” interface, just add a “-” sign in the address. For example,

It also works with the MultiAccount hack:

The general syntax for a VilloFetch address with “FoolYourBoss” and “MultiAccounts” is the following:[/]

where , and “[/]” are explained in the MultiAccounts page.