Unblock Travian

Is travian blocked from school-office-library?
VilloFetch unblocks all Travian pages so you can play wherever you are!

VilloFetch also makes MultiAccounts easier

and hides Travian to your boss

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What is VilloFetch?

Sometimes you can’t play Travian because the network administrators have forbidden its use. Your villages are left unattended, fields don’t grow, buildings decay and your soldiers are bored, or even worse, starving.

You can solve some of these problems by using a Travian bot like VilloNanny, but bots can’t do everything.

To bypass the access restrictions imposed by the network administrators you can use VilloFetch! This site will fetch the Travian pages for you, and show them in the browser as if you were directly connected to the Travian servers. As you are not typing the travian address in the browser, your network administrators won’t know that you are accessing Travian at all and you’ll be free to play!

If some day VilloFetch will be blocked as well, drop a message in the Forum and we’ll try to sort it out.

Even if Travian is not blocked, you could use VilloFetch to play with multiple accounts from two tabs in the same browser.

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Unblock Travian NOW!

There are many ways to use VilloFetch. Some are simpler, some are more complicated. Some are more likely to work successfully. Some might not work for you. Find the method that is most suitable to you, or ask for help in the Forum if nothing works.

Method #1: type the travian server address in the form below

This method is quick & simple but, as the travian address remains visible in the url, it might not work.Type the travian server address, then click on the “Fetch” button. You can type any valid travian server, like speed.travian.de or s1.travian.co.uk.

This form will open an url like: http://www.vfthis.net/www.travian.com.

Method #2: type the travian server address in the browser bar

The previous method has revealed an important trick: you can go to any travian server just by typing an address that follows this rule:

where is the server you want to see, like for the previous method. You can actually type full Travian addresses there, stripped of the inital “http://” part.

Some examples:




This method is very convenient but won’t work if the network administrators have blocked all addresses containing the word “travian”.

Method #3: use a server code
When Method #1 and Method #2 don’t work, the cause might be the presence of the word “travian” in the addresses. To bypass this problem, follow this simple rule:

Replace “.travian.” with “_” in the server address

In other words, replace the “travian” word and the dots around it with an underscore, so that “www.travian.com” becomes “www_com”, “s1.travian.de” becomes “s1_de”, and so on. Use this trick with Method #1 or Method #2.





This method, while still being quite convenient, is less likely to fail, at least for a while…
Method #4: start from the VilloFetch Bootstrap Page
The VilloFetch Bootstrap Page contains a list of Travian server links that have been randomly encoded to make them less likely to be blocked. If you don’t see your server there, please post in the Forum a request for addition.
Method #5: Ask for help!
If none of the above methods works for you, then ask for help in the Forum. Your network setup might require some specific workaround and we would be glad to help.

Known Issues
The VilloFetch server is currently located in the UK. This means that some travian sites, like www.travian.us, might not be accessible. This also means that www.travian.co.uk is now accessible to non-british users!