Secret Domains

All VilloFetch Secret Domains are discontinued

To access the game from many IPs, you might find the Proxy useful.

Restricted Area

The "Restricted Area" is a new concept introduced on September 2014. It basically is a Secret Domain that is restricted to 40 users. It's almost as having your own private proxy! The main benefits are:

Of course this has to come at an additional cost: only who donates $12/year can have access to a Restricted Area, and only while there are slots available. But don't worry, new Restricted Areas will be made available if needed.

To donate for a Restricted Area, please use the PayPal button below.

Less likely blocked on your network

The public VilloFetch Engine is located at a specific http address, like "". Over time, as the VilloFetch Engine Address becomes popular, some network administrators might find out about it and block it too: you won't be able to bypass the firewall anymore because VilloFetch becomes unreachable as much as Travian. If this happens, you can try a Secret Domain instead.


Since the end of May 2011, the "MultiAccounts" VilloFetch feature isn't available on the public server anymore, for the reason explained here. You can still use that feature on all Secret Domains. By using different VilloFetch servers (the public server and the Secret Domain servers) you can hide the real IP of your accounts and also keep them separate. For example you can access one Travian account on Secret Domain #1 and another Travian account on Secret Domain #2, and send resources from one to the other with less fear of being banned. If you enjoy multiaccounting, you should definitely use a Secret Domain!

Available Addresses

Secret Domain #6Closing Down
Restricted Area #1Closing Down
Secret Domain #5Closing Down
Secret Domain #4Closing Down
Secret Domain #3Closing Down
Secret Domain #2Closing Down
Secret Domain #1Closed

Secret Domains

After your 5 dollars donation, you will receive the domain by email. You will be able to access the Secret Domain for 1 year. Please note the following: